Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fajitas for Dinner

Hello! Tonight we are having 15 minute fajitas! I hope they are good. I bought a "deep covered baker" from Pampered Chef, and you just cut up peppers & onions, put 3 chicken breasts on top (seasoned with Southwestern Seasoning), and sprinkle with the juice of 2 limes, then microwave for 15 minutes. You can't believe how juicy & tender that chicken is. You would never DREAM it was microwaved. I hate microwaved chicken. The texture is all wrong, but somehow this baker doesn't have that rubbery effect on the chicken. I'm trying to be serious about eating better ALL the time. I do pretty good a lot of the time, but when I do bad, I do VERY bad. Dinner is something that's east to do bad with. Now, I need to master eating out. Actually, I know what to eat, I just get tempted by all the "good" stuff! One thing at a time, right?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Brief Update

Ok, so I haven't blogged for a while. I know that. I don't know if I'm not super motivated, or what. BUT, I DID join Weight Watchers 4 weeks ago. Having said that, last week I GAINED 3 lbs. I knew I would--it was not a great "food" week, and I have not been working out. I feel like I'm so busy all the time, but I never get everything done. So, I'm working to be more organized and more productive. I will keep you posted on my progress. I promise I will do a much better job about blogging.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm a Blog Slacker!

Or so I've been told :)) I cannot deny it. I have not been especially motivated to diet and exercise, so I haven't! Its not good, but its true. Going to make some changes this week. We'll see how it goes.

Some things I do good all the time. However, I realize I CANNOT have potato chips in my house. Its like an alcoholic having a mini-bar in their room. Its a bad idea. So, I've been asking myself what I need to do differently. I decided I need to start writing down what I eat. Not because I CAN'T keep up with it in my head, but rather because it will FORCE me to see exactly what I've eaten/drunk that day, and exactly how many calories and fat grams that equals. I think this will be . . . a real PAIN IN THE ASS! BUT, it will probably also be very helpful. So, I am going to do this for a little while. In fact, I may get me a little notebook today, especially for this purpose.

I think its important to continuously work to improve yourself. However, THINKING that and DOING that are two totally different things. So, I am trying to reflect back in time to bring back things that I was doing when I was thinner. I also need to be more organized. I have very good ideas. I know things I need to do better. Yet I STILL do not pull the trigger. I don't want to be in control, in fact, I AVOID control. I am not sure why. I don't know if I'm afraid of failure, or afraid of disappointing someone, or something else. I just believe this is what keeps me from greatness. THIS is what I will work on as I continue to try to improve myself and my life.

In the past I had written goals, and I reviewed/edited them often. I haven't done that in years. This is something I will begin again. You only get one life, and I'm 42 years into mine. Its past time to start doing a few things better. For further weight loss motivation, I am going to the beach in June. How nice would it be to have lost 50lbs before I go?? These are some of the things running through my little mind :)) I will blog soon, and if I DON'T, send me a nasty little email. I'm good with it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Well, I said I was going to lose 15 pounds by Christmas. I did not do that. BUT, I did lose 12. So that's good. I actually had my gall bladder removed (that helped with the 12 pounds). It was an experience, especially having surgery just a few days before Christmas. I made a new friend. I called her Lori Tabs--no better friend after surgery! I had to give her up though, she was keeping me asleep :-)) The timing seemed to work out well. I feel almost 100% recovered now, so its time to start working on some new goals for the new year.

I realize I started this blog a long time ago, and quite frankly, I thought I would be much farther than I am now. However, I am not going to get hung up on what I did NOT accomplish, and instead realize that I am 30 pounds lighter than I once was. I also do want to move forward in the new year, and continue my quest to lose 100 lbs. This will mean making new, better, healthier habits. I don't plan to be PERFECT, just a lot healthier. That is really the goal.

Thank you for continuing to check this blog, and following along. Hopefully this year will be more successful on the weight loss front. We'll see!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Challenge

Ok, so you know how I said I was going to lose 15 pounds by Christmas? Well, I told my husband. He is THE MOST competitive person I have ever known. So, he will totally lose 15 pounds now, because I have challenged him. Hopefully, that will help to keep me on track--its hard to eat salad for dinner while he's having pizza :-)) We'll see how that turns out.

I am planning to eat good all day every day--except for Christmas parties and gatherings. Then I am going to eat what I want. Otherwise, that would put a big damper on the holidays. I've been looking at Christmas recipes. Mmmmmmm. I need to make a little shopping list, and go to the grocery. I'm going to attempt to make a bananas foster cake this year. I also will make some "white trash" at some point, with Ghiradelli white chocolate. OMG!! Its very good. BUT, if you don't get the chocolate NOW, you won't get it. It sells out. BIG plans.

I also have to trim the tree, and deck the halls, and get my big ass to the Y! I'm hoping challenging Brian will help me get to the Y more often. Exercise will definitely help in this "15 pounds before Christmas" thingy. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully, I can pull this off. I CAN, its just a matter of if I stick with it. Stay tuned. Merry Christmas!!! (I say Merry Christmas)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Havoc!

How in the WORLD are you supposed to diet and eat healthy during the holidays? This is the SOUTH! We had FRIED turkey for Thanksgiving. (and if you've never had fried turkey it is hands down the juiciest turkey you will ever eat) You see, we believe you can fry damn near anything in the south. We have fried Twinkies and fried oreos down here too. SO, we are not eating some baked sweet potatoes and some steamed green beans!! Hell no!!! We are eating fried turkey, sweet potatoes with loads of butter and sugar, green beans cooked with ham, macaroni with lots of real butter and a pound of Velveeta, and then some very fattening dessert. AND, we like it that way--don't plan on changing!

SO, the challenge is to exercise enough to help burn off some of the million extra calories you will eat from now to New Year's. For Christmas my family will eat a baked country ham. It is yummy and delicious----and LOADED with salt. There will also be homemade candy and various other goodies.

I have decided to set a little goal for myself between now and Christmas. I am going to lose 15 pounds before Christmas. This is a big goal, but if I set a big goal I'm hoping I will stay focused. I would actually like to lose 20 lbs., but given the previous paragraphs, you can see how that might be unrealistic. If I exercise daily, and eat well except for when at parties and various holiday gatherings, I think I can do this. I KNOW I can. Hold me accountable. Email me. Text me. Whatever. Just help me stay focused. I will try to blog more frequently, so if I haven't blogged, contact me to keep me in check. I look forward to it. (and I have caller id if you get a little too into it! )

Friday, November 19, 2010

Help, I'm Bent Like a Pretzel, and I Can't Get Up!

OMG!!! I did YOGA this morning! Wow! Let me just say, when you have a lot of fat around your middle (just picture the Michelin Man), you are NOT going to sit in the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, and get all flat and touch your toes. Forgive my ignorance, I don't know if that's a matter of physics, or what, but it ain't fuckin' happening! SO, I was not your "typical" YOGA student, but I liked it, and I will be doing it again. I don't know how much the skinny bitches behind me enjoyed it. I'm thinking the view may not have been so good for them. However, it may have been amusing :-))

I'm doing Zumba Monday, or at least that is the plan at this time. You have to have reservations for the Zumba classes, so I'm guessing there will be a million people in there. Guess we'll know Monday.

After all that YOGA, tonight we are going to my sister's house for Bunco. Everybody is bringing a finger food--so that equals diet disaster. AND, finger foods are my all time favorite. I will not even lie to you and say I'm going to eat veggies and hummus. I might, but I will be eating a lot of other junk food probably. Anyway, I must go now. Have a great weekend!